About Us

My name is Lena Fredriksen and I am the one who is behind Kennel Leanovas. I live in Stockholm, Sweden with my two children, my partner and our Chihuahuas.

I have had Chihuahuas since 2004 and before that I had both Rottweilers and Xoloitzquintle (small).

I met my first Chihuahua in the 90’s. I was about ten years old and I fell instantly in love! This was a happy, loving little dog that thought that it was just as big as all the others Labradors and Collies on my street. Unfortunately my parents didn’t understand my BIG love and thought that I had enough with all the rabbits, cats, horses, rats and mice I had at home and said that a dog I could only get when I moved out. Said and done, I moved when I was sixteen years old, and I got my very first dog.

In the beginning of 2000 I was determined to find my first chihuahua, the only clue was that so wanted everyone else. After some years searching I finally came in contact with Bibbi Stäveby. She is a lady that have been in the dog world for a very long time first with Lhasa Apso, then Chinese Chrested and finally Chihuahuas. I have so much to thank Bibbi for, she was my mentor and helped me in every way she could. I traveled around Sweden and Norway showing her dogs and learned a lot and for that I am grateful.

In 2015 I bought my first Chihuahua for Breeding; Dreampaws Ginger Lily. I now felt ready to take my first step alone as a breeder. Lily is a once in a lifetime dog. She loves to show and is my little happy bunny. In fall 2016 i bought Chi’s Lovely Lady Goneril, and I am so greatful to both Helene Adielsson (Kennel Dreampaws) and Maria Andrén (kennel Chi’s Lovely) for trusting me with these two females that are going to be my foundation for my kennel.

In my breeding I don’t just breed on a good temperament or soundness in a dog, it is also important that all the attributes speaks Chihuahua.
I follow SKK and Chihuahuacirkelns recommendations and examine all my dogs for patella luxation and eye check before breeding.

If you want to come in contact with me, don’t hesitate to e-mail or phone me.

Phone: +46 (0) 700 919 603
Email: Info@leanovas.se