Puppy Policy

If you are Interested in buying a puppy, you are most welcome to get in touch with us. Please begin by introducing yourself and what you are looking for in a puppy. What are your future plans? Breeding/dogshows or other activities with your dog, do you prefer female/male smooth- or longboat? This is all questions that makes it easier for us to help you fins the right puppy for you.

You should also know We don’t not sell puppies to people under the age of 18. We have no queue system when we choose a new home for our puppies. We will choose the home that we belive is best for the puppy. We do not sell puppies on a payment plan. We follow the rules from SKK (Fci) and recommendations from Chihuahuacirkeln.

All our dogs are checked for Patella luxation and eye checked before entering a breeding program. All our dogs used in breeding has been shown with at least Excellent and has a good temperament. Even though we are dogshow people our dogs are foremost family members and beloved pets.

When you buy a puppy from us the puppies are registered in the Swedish Kennel Club, vetrinary checked, chip marked, vaccinated and dewormed. You will also receive purchase agreement from the Swedish Kennel Club (FCI) General advice in how you will care for your new family member in the best possible way. Some puppyfood that your puppy is accustomed to eat. A blanket and some toys that smells like mom and siblings.

When the Puppy turns one year old we would be very grateful if the dog is Checked for Patella luxation and eye checked some time during it’s lifetime, this to make it possible for us to evaluate our breeding.